24 August, 2010

These guys are just great!

Even if you don't understand a word - they sing in Breton. (Sorry for the title typo, fixed!)

Notes & Domino 8.5.2 just appeared on IBM's PA servers...

I usually don't check IBM that often but today something somehow urged me to check it and - voilà - 8.5.2 is there waiting to be downloaded. I just hope that the Linux port can be installed on Ubuntu Lucid (that's 10.04) so that I can upgrade my work rig to something more recent than Karmic.
You have to have a valid subscription to download the beast, though.

10 May, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04/Mint 9 boot ending in a blank screen?

I have found some info about a problem I hit on an oldish notebook with an Intel 815 IGP. Hope it helps more people.