25 November, 2009

Ubuntu Grub2 default system the easy way

If you have already installed Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) you probably noticed the new GRUB2 boot loader. But what if you need to change the default startup system? What if you need to start the Windows partition ydefault (e.g. for your wife or kids)? Do not despair - there is no need to study those config files, the solution is pretty simple. Just locate and install a package called "startupmanager". Once you install it you can use it to choose your default system, splash image etc..
I just wonder why it is not installed by default.

23 November, 2009

Custom MPEG-1 rendering in Kdenlive

Ever wondered what kind of video format is the safest for Windows clients? Especially PowerPoint seems to be a really tricky target. Some videos play fine in Mediaplayer but cannot play when inserted into a presentation, some play fine on some systems but not on others. MPEG-1 is the safest bet here - no other format inserts and plays for sure everywhere every time.

Kdenlive 0.7.5 (the one in Kubuntu Karmic) unfortunately does not have any MPEG-1 rendering profiles. So here is just one to try. Create a new profile, call it whatever you want and:

format=mpeg video_rc_min_rate=0 video_bit_rate=12000000 audio_bit_rate=384000 frequency=48000 size=360x288 progressive=1


13 August, 2009

Google Friend Connect - Google get social!

Head over to Google Friend Connect to add various social gadgets to your blog..

Definitely looks very promising!

08 July, 2009

Google OS is coming your way

It is /sort of/ official! The good people at Google are preparing a new OS for netbooks. Most likely based on Linux...


Thanks: http://twitter.com/jantichy

22 January, 2009

You can now embedd Youtube videos in Slideshare

Great stuff! Look here for details and watch the results here: