23 November, 2009

Custom MPEG-1 rendering in Kdenlive

Ever wondered what kind of video format is the safest for Windows clients? Especially PowerPoint seems to be a really tricky target. Some videos play fine in Mediaplayer but cannot play when inserted into a presentation, some play fine on some systems but not on others. MPEG-1 is the safest bet here - no other format inserts and plays for sure everywhere every time.

Kdenlive 0.7.5 (the one in Kubuntu Karmic) unfortunately does not have any MPEG-1 rendering profiles. So here is just one to try. Create a new profile, call it whatever you want and:

format=mpeg video_rc_min_rate=0 video_bit_rate=12000000 audio_bit_rate=384000 frequency=48000 size=360x288 progressive=1



Anonymous said...

Great, thanks! Was looking for this one!

Anonymous said...

Great thanks! :)

Josef Prusa said...

BTW: I submitted a request for some way to create favorite rendering options - and VOILA - it has been added to 0.7.7! Thanks to all Kdenlive developers!